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We're Always Making Things Up

At Tech Fab, while we draw on many strengths — 60 years experience in metalworking and custom fabrication, the most skilled craftspeople in our market, and the latest technology our industry has to offer among them —the most important thing we offer is our strong commitment to customer service.

We believe in building personal relationships with our customers. We believe every one of our customer contacts — whether they're part of a small independent shop or a Fortune 500 company — should be able to speak to real people without wading through phone answering systems. We believe in delivering jobs when we say we will and at the prices we've quoted. And we believe in putting our expertise and our creative problem-solving abilities to work on behalf of our customers, finding ways to save customers money whenever possible.

Our commitment to customer service doesn't end when we get a job. We're available to answer questions and address concerns whenever they arise. We work with customers to anticipate and head-off production complications, using our knowledge of each customer's industry to formulate solutions that address each customer's unique needs. We strive to meet rush orders, typically finding ways to meet the most pressing production demands.

Customer service is at the heart of our philosophy regarding cross training. Everyone on the Tech Fab team is capable of handling multiple responsibilities. This helps us to ensure customers that jobs will be done on time.

We also provide value-added services that make it simpler and more cost-effective to do business with Tech Fab.

Value-Added Services

Tech Fab's value-added services begin with just-in-time manufacturing options, dock-to-dock shipments and blanket purchase order delivery.

Our Engineering Service Department has prototyping and CAD/CAM design capabilities. Engineering can also help customers make or modify designs. Our programmers can handle electronic file transfers, on disk or on-line, of blueprints and other design specifications.

We use job tracking and computerized shop management to keep work moving smoothly and manage time and materials in an extremely cost-effective manner. Job tracking allows us review progress on any job at any time. And our computer management system allows fluid handling of order processing, inventory management and accounting services.